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Its considerably easierand much cheaperto prevent termites than it would be to treat them. The following precautions can go a long way in keeping these damaging insects away from your home:

Eliminate any unnecessary moisture around the foundation of your property. Be sure to properly maintain pipes, house fixtures, A/C units, gutters, downspouts and other drainage websites. Repair any leaks immediately.

Fill any cracks or other openings that would allow termites to enter your house. Pay particular attention to utility lines and piping.



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Termites cannot withstand sunlight, and so avoid it. Termites require moist conditions to stay alive, which is the reason why direct sun exposure will kill them. In case youre seeing weeds within certain regions of your home, expose those regions to as much sunlight as you can. If you can find the termites hive out, clean all brush and clutter to allow as much sun exposure as possible.



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If you suspect any furniture or other bigger things have been infested, placing them outside in the heat of this evening is a natural approach to eliminate them of termites. While sunlight alone will not likely destroy an entire termite issue, its an effective natural way to reduce population size and help prevent additional termite issues. .



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Termites are attracted to cellulose, which constitutes a big portion of their daily diet plan. Cardboard is full of cellulose, and can be readily re-purposed as a handy snare. This really is one of the best natural methods for helping reduce termite troubles. Simply take a big, moist sheet of cardboard and roll it into the form of a tube (stacking several moist sheets atop one another also functions ).

Within a couple of days, collect the traps and discard them somewhere far from your house, or treat the collected termites with a naturally sourced insecticide. Repeat the procedure until you no longer find signs of termites. .

One of the greener options for termite control involves introducing parasitic roundworms into the termite colony. Also known as beneficial nematodes, these organisms can devastate termite populations. Once theyve located and entered a bunch, these nearly microscopic worms release a bacteria thats deadly to insects like termites. Once theyve murdered their host they proceed on to another member of the colony, reproducing in the process.



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Once bought, release the nematodes into the termite hive and allow them to do the rest. This strategy works best in conjunction with other natural pest control methods. .

Orange oil has proven capable of killing termites, particularly drywood termites. Extremely over here affordable and all natural, orange oil is derived from orange peels and can be made mostly of d-limonenea solvent thats fatal to termites. When termites come into immediate contact with orange oil their exoskeletons begin to dissolve, causing them to lose proteins and moisture, and ultimately perish.

Orange oil is also believed to disrupt termites pheromones, which they use to communicate. Only spray full strength or mildly diluted orange oil onto termite problem regions, as near the hive as possible. If the hive is situated behind a wall and youre not interested in tearing out Sheetrock, many professionals recommend drilling holes in the drywall and dispensing orange oil throughout the opening.

Take note: orange oil can irritate skin and lead to complications if ingested, so please exercise caution when using this essential oil. .



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Along with its countless different applications, vinegar can also be used to kill termites. Mix half a cup of vinegar with the juice of 2 freshly squeezed lemons; then simply use the mixture in the exact same manner as the orange oil over, spraying in or around check these guys out where the termites congregatepreferably the hive itself.

This solution also functions as an effective deterrent. Repeat the process as necessary. .

Naturally sourced insecticides are our preferred method for treating termites. For best results, youll want to deal with both inside and outside your house. We recommend using Cedarcide Original for indoor termite difficulties, and PCO choice for all outdoor applications. Simply spray Cedarcide Original anywhere youre experiencing termite activitythis will kill try this all active termites and deter future individuals from returning to the area.

To manage all outdoor termite problems, treat your entire yard with PCO Choice. With generous application, this cedar-based outdoor pesticide will seep into the soil, eventually reaching the hive. As an additional precaution, we recommend applying a thick barrier of PCO Choice around your foundation to prevent termites from entering your property.



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One of the very best ways to deter termites would be to create your house's wood unappetizing to termites. A wood treatment that removes moisture from wood is an extremely effective method to discourage termites from consuming or inhabiting wooden constructions. This strategy not only keeps wood making it more structurally stable and resistant to rot but also transforms it into something termites can no longer eat or destroy.

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